The Mental Game of Python (Raymond Hettinger)

Welcome to another Tech Talk Tuesday! This week, we feature Raymond Hettinger, a core Python developer. I've seen a number of Hettinger's talks, and most of them are quite good. Hettinger has good technical knowledge, and he's also quite humorous, in a dry, clever, quirky way. I decided to cover this particular talk because Hettinger talks... Continue Reading →

Kent Beck fired from Facebook

Hello to all my non-existent fans! It has been a while since I've written anything on this blog, but I figured I'd start adding content again. In particular, I'd like to do what I'm going to dub "Tech Talk Tuesdays". I have a habit of watching famous (or semi-famous) techies talk about the software industry.... Continue Reading →

Pre-existing Conditions Nonsense

Politics has a dearth of engineering ability. This should come as no shock to anyone who realizes that the majority of politicians are lawyers. As a consequence of their lack of engineers, our politicians lack problem solving skills. The mathematician George Pólya once said that it is better to solve 1 problem 5 ways than it... Continue Reading →

Beer Pong Riddle

I'm sure many of you have played, or at least heard of, Beer Pong. For those of you who haven't, read this first. Remember the word problems you had to solve and that you hated? Well, I have one for you, except it's a bit more complex than anything you'd have to solve in elementary... Continue Reading →

A great lesson in Positional Chess

Watch this youtube video first (it's only three minutes, and worth your time even if you're only remotely interested in chess). Mato Jelic is one of my favorite chess commentators. He typically does a really nice job of analyzing GM games. In this particular video, we see a fantastic lesson in positional chess. Positional chess,... Continue Reading →

Project Euler

I've been doing the Project Euler problems again. They are pretty fascinating. I've already solved the first 15 (in Python, of course). Solving the 16th problem would be hard in any language other than Python. The problem is to "find the sum of the digits in 2^1000". 2^1000 is an enormous number, much to big... Continue Reading →

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